The affordable mount for attaching your 8” - 10” tablet to your video camera. Great for teleprompter apps, bullet notes and more. Promptermount attaches to the shoe of your video camera and is adjustable with a ball and socket mechanism to almost any angle.

While not intended to replace a through-the-lens teleprompter, Promptermount offers a far less expensive option and is less fragile, making it much more portable.

Promptermount fits any tablet in the 8” to 10” range including full size Ipads, Galaxy Tab, Vizio Vtab and many more.

Prompter mount comes with a 14 day no-hassle return, and is warranted one year, also with a no hassle return.

Introductory price for January 2013: $45.00 with Free Shipping!

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Shown with Vizio Vtab 8” tablet mounted to Sony VX2100 2013